We would like to thank the copyright holder of Arthur Horners works.

    • Diane Romney

    • Jane Sullivan

    • Julia Houghton


I would also like to thank Ian Thomas for his inspiration. For reviving, bringing to our notice Horner’s CP  and for his continuing work to make him better known today. For starting this project and his continuous work here and...  more. As a practicing cartoonist  Ian acted as my mentor for all things Cartooney, things practical and things just plain silly. I still  think that practicing cartoonist sounds...

Thanks Ian.

Jim Godings entry to our group was a turning point. His simplified approach to scanning and “cleaning up” old newspaper strips and his sheer energy, turned us from a group wondering about the smattering of AH’s stories we might “one day show” to  scanning  the entire CP saga in less than a year. He also suggested the Annotations and has so far written most of them.

Thanks Jim.

We could not have done this without Martin Foots set of the early strips and his willingness to lend us his collection.

Thanks Martin and indirectly to your late Dad who collected them.

For a long time there were two Adventures which no one seemed to own. Christian Owens supplied these and more. Associated as he is,  with the “London Cartoon Museum”, his advice & encouragement is valued and valuable.

Thanks Christian.

I would also like to thank Gilbert Hall and Gavin Betts for their erudite and amusing additions to Jims Annotations and the occasional pat on the back.  Sometimes needed but always appreciated.

Thanks Gilbert and Gavin.

And of course Mick, who grounded me in reality. It’s all about the stories. Remember Mick “...he also serves who only stands and waits...”

My late Dad started me on all this. Thanks Antons  Susts [Dad] for bringing home “The Age” every night and pointing me to Colonel Pewter. Thanks Dad for cutting out the Adventures long after I had lost interest and moved from home. Your cuttings helped start this.




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