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Much of the fun of Colonel Pewter stems from anachronisms, mostly pre-world war I, and many of the allusions are becoming obscure.  In addition, there are numerous sly visual and verbal references to figures that were contemporary when the adventures were written, but are now becoming unrecognisable to younger readers. It seemed to me that it would be worthwhile to annotate the adventures, so that future generations can get the most enjoyment from them.


The following is an attempt to annotate the adventures. I have made extensive use of Google and Wikipedia.  Many of the allusions are highly specific to the UK, and as a mere colonial I may have got some wrong.
I would appreciate any feedback regarding errors and also to fill in gaps where I was stuck. Thanks to Martin Foot, Chris Owens and Guido Susts for suggestions and corrections.


I plan to update this posting from time to time until all of the adventures are annotated.


I have not attempted to identify the tunes that appear from time to time; could someone help me with this?


Jim Goding












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