guess that a FAN is someone who, having loved the cartoon, also wants to know something of the cartoonist.

Their life and their life as seen by others. Their other works and who influenced them? And more...


A good start to AH’s biography is the DAAO [Dictionary of Australian Artists Online] entry for Arthur Horner and

His wife Victoria Cowdroy. A cartoonist in her own right.

The late Professor Joan Kerr was very active in acknowledging and recording Australian Cartoonists and contributed many entries to the DAAO.

The obituaries by Jane Sullivans (his daughter) - a carefully cut out copy of which I found in my Dad’s files - and one from Les Tanner, a famous Australian Cartoonist, tells us something about the man and the cartoonist.

AH of course knew almost every Australian cartoonist and a mighty Swag of some of the Great Pommy ones as well.

I was recently surprised when I found out that “Eric Jolliffe”, an ICONIC Aussi Cartoonist, called AH his “mate”.

Recently Jane wrote a Fathers Day Tribute which showed us some snippets of AH the father. This, together with Tanners obit, showed us his chaotic work patterns and helps explain why he was loathe to jump into the saddle of CP once he had returned to Australia.

Horner is mainly remembered for his CP work but before that?  Julia Wakefield (his daughter) pointed us to some of his early works. He later drew Citizen Doe and the occasional Political Cartoon.

He also illustrated various books. I am still hunting these down but do own a Young Adult book [YA] he worked on.

As a  FAN  I also  wanted to know “...what made Arthur laugh...”, and who or what influenced him. This lead to a rather interesting discussion on the Yahoo group with some observation from his daughters.  I have tried to collect examples of these cartoonist and writers. Obviously this is an ongoing project and any suggestions are welcome.

As a FAN I also wanted to see the originals.  Where are they?

Some landed in the NLA [National Library of Australia].  And some ended up in Kent University. Possibly one of the better collections of cartoons. I have also seen a single sheet - one strip - for sale on the Net. Expensive!

These originals are now fragile and the NLA is very protective. Despite our desire to use them as the source, this was not to be but is still our acme.

At some stage the TRUE FAN might also want to know about the other TRUE FANS. What motivated US?

Eventually I hope to write a saga missive essay, a few words at least, about our group with appropriate acknowledgements and perhaps a few extracts from the correspondence. One day I also hope for a Photo Album of AH et. Al.

I believe there is a picture of Arthur “holding a Donkey Foal”. That would have to be posted!

Till then I’ll only mention the online “The Age” achieves and the State Library of Victoria’s Newspaper room  as an interesting starting point for your explorations.











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